Residential photovoltaic + energy storage reduces electricity bills



China Energy Storage Network News: According to foreign media reports, Shell Energy and its subsidiary, German battery energy storage system manufacturer Sonnen, have cooperated in the UK to launch electricity tariffs for solar + energy storage facilities.

Residential users who deploy residential solar + energy storage facilities can export the excess electricity generated to the grid in summer and will receive solar credits. These credits can allow these residential users to offset part of their electricity bills when they use electricity in winter.

Sonnen company launched SonnenFlat and SonnenCommunity energy storage products in Germany, and Sonnen company’s battery energy storage system will participate in the construction of virtual power plants in some areas of Australia and North America

Users deploying residential solar power generation facilities in the United Kingdom usually only use 30% of the electricity from solar power generation facilities, but by combining with the SonnenBatterie battery energy storage system, the utilization rate of their annual power generation can be increased to 75%. Sonnen said that the introduction of new electricity rates will further save costs.

Battery energy storage systems can help residential users store excess electricity from solar power generation facilities during the day, and then discharge them at night or during peak power demand periods to reduce their daily carbon footprint and electricity bills. Sonnen said that Shell’s solar + energy storage electricity rate will bring benefits in one year, saving residential users 150 pounds (188.36 US dollars) a year in electricity bills.

This electricity rate was initially launched on a pilot basis by Shell Energy. When the company communicated with residential users, it was found that some residential users were concerned about the seasonal power generation characteristics of solar power generation facilities, so a small number of residential buildings conducted trials.

Shell Energy stated that the rate will apply to 825,000 residential users in the UK who have installed or are considering installing solar + energy storage facilities, thus providing great potential to support the large-scale deployment of residential solar + energy storage projects.